Benefits of having a mobile App for your business

First of all, everybody knows the importance of going directly to where your customers are and although the app revolution only started a few years ago, this form of marketing is growing fast with no signs of slowing down.

Currently 77% of the world’s population are online. With the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets businesses are faced with more and more opportunities every day that will radically change how their service or product is delivered and accessed.

There are more mobile devices in the world than the total number of computers and television units combined, meaning your business needs a mobile presence to stay connected with its customers. Zach Markson, co-founder of Apps development company says “Ignoring mobile marketing is simply no longer an option for any business”


1.Customers don’t have to play the waiting game
Mobile apps provide a much faster alternative than mobile web browsing. Web browsing requires a user to launch a web browser, enter a URL and wait for the site to load. But an Android WebView App requires your customer/user to install the App once-making it easy to stay in touch with you.

 2.Apps are a constant reminder of your business
Mobile apps reinforce your brand by increasing your visibility. An app gives a business more presence on a phone than a browser bookmark does because it is always visible on the phone’s screen. This helps build loyalty with customers because your business is in front of them at all times.

 3.Apps increase customer engagement
Customers are calling out for mobile apps because they quickly connect them to businesses they most commonly want or need.  Businesses are using apps to improve their processes and increase the level of accessibility their customers have to them. The point of a mobile app is to seamlessly connect and interact with customers, making it a valuable tool for the modern business.

4.Apps reduce communication/marketing costs
Apps reduce costs of SMS messages and paper newsletters. They simplify communications by securely, instantly and directly messaging customers. Apps reduce staff workload by information requests and phone calls. Furthermore, our latest push notification technology enables you to instantly communicate to your customers using push messages. The push notification technology, is now the best and low-cost marketing alternative over emailing, bulk sms and social media marketing.