AIRLINE BOOKING MODULE FEATURES Airline Ticketing Software with Flight Booking engine in built

AIR TICKET RESERVATION APPLICATION Powerful, Flexible & Opensource code to Use Online Booking Reservations Script

FLIGHT LISTING Complete real time Online Air Reservation System developed under codeigniter framework. We have custom booking engines for the entire gamut of online travel and the solution will able to meet each one of the client requirements. Advance tour search based on Flight Type, Destination, City, Departs from, Departure Date, Price, Discount Offers and many more. With flight list feature manage customized air schedule to change the fly time.

LAST MINUTES DEALS This Airline Reservation module is to simulate the basic concepts of an online Reservation system allowing passengers to make their reservation with customized listed destinations. This application comes with great offers on last minute flights to top domestic and international destinations. Avail the best last minute travel deals and plan your holiday trips, weekend getaways or seasonal vacation.

POPULAR FLIGHTS Book flight tickets to the world's most popular destinations at the best price. You can make personalized list most popular places people casually go to make the air ticket booking procedure more flexible and user friendly. Allow the airline passenger to search for available flights between departure & arrival city and book customer code number, flight number, date of booking, date of traveling and other customizable  fields.

INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS & AIRLINES Real time search of Airline Flights for any destination with integrated API around the word .We have selected the cheapest flight to the most sought after destinations tickets from more than 400 carriers available so you can have benefit of the best domestic and international flights at the lowest price. Now we support major flights API / XML / Json Integration with personalization benefit but we do have plan to including more API vendors over the time.