The Mubzon Gym Master Mobile Android App works hand in hand with the Mubzon Gym Master software. Therefore, once installed, your members will be able to access their accounts through both the web and via their installed mobile App.

The mobile App is a very big achievement towards our software development. The mobile App not only add value or make your Gym business management easy but it also improves communication between you and your customers, enables your customers to full access to their membership account 24 hours and so much more.




Workout List
The Ultimate Workout Tracker Helps you to stick to your Goals

Attendance View
Track your progress via the calendar

Navigation Panel
Access Menu from any screen of Application

Report View
Get fit and Healthy with A day by day fitness report

Class List
Personalized class list cab help you optimize

Nutrition Schedule
Our Nutrition Schedule helps you eat better and get Healthier

Group List
Display Groups with members

View members
Display the members full details

Membership list
The App enables the member to see his or her membership package and when expiring

Assign Date List
Displays the schedule date wise

Class Schedules
Display the gym class with date and time.